Area Rugs in Berkeley

Area Rugs in Berkeley

Décor matters in my life daily!

As an artist, I believe that décor is more than just the furnishing and decoration of a room, it’s about a life-style. It’s the first impression that is created when you see something and having a positive “aesthetic A-HA” is a wonderful first impression to have.

As a visual communication major at USC, I pay attention to décor in advertisements, interior design, fashion design, architecture, party planning and the way in which people wear their jewelry and accessorize. The impact and influence of proper décor can’t be underestimated. Décor plays an important part in enhancing the mood of a person and a place, and it has done this throughout time. Art and décor literally document our history, so the way in which people decorate their surroundings, as well as themselves, is a testament to their personal care and to the times. Décor sets apart distinct personalities, needs, and lifestyles so considering art elements and principles and then bringing in personal style, is the key to creating a décor that is essentially uniquely individual when I’m looking for area rugs in Berkeley.

I have been tasked with doing some party planning recently and I have found that the décor sets the theme and the emotion while playing an essential part in the overall success of the event. From the overarching theme, to the color scheme, the lighting, the flowers and furniture arrangement, to the attention to details, such as entrance balloons, aisle runners, meal place cards, menus, linens, table settings, signage, there is no detail that shouldn’t be considered to create the ambiance for each guest to feel special and appreciated. So décor definitely matters…a lot!

Have I mentioned that décor matters in my life daily!